Welding Supplies
Conquer any welding project with our one-stop shop for welding supplies! EGC Supply offers everything you need to join, cut, and repair metals with precision and control. Explore our arc cutting & gouging equipment, or our plasma cutting & accessories section for high-performance material cutting options. With intricate repairs, consider our soldering or thermoplastic welding solutions. We carry a vast selection of filler metals in various types and alloys to match your specific welding project. Choose from our extensive selection of gas welding equipment, MIG welding & accessories, TIG welding & accessories, or explore our multiprocess & engine driven welders for ultimate versatility. Protect yourself with our welding helmets & welding protection gear, and ensure a clean work environment with fume extractors & accessories. We also offer welding cables, grounds & accessories to keep your equipment running smoothly. From brazings and exothermic cutting to weld cleaning and welding chemicals, we have everything you need to get the job done right.