Tool Holding
Maximize precision and efficiency on any machining project with EGC Supply’s comprehensive selection of tool holding products! Ensure perfect alignment and rigidity with our selection of lathe tool posts & tool holders. Explore our boring heads & bar holders for a stable and accurate boring solution. If you are in need of interchangeable tooling options, browse our collets & accessories, perfect for drills, mills, and lathes. Clamp down on your dies securely using our die holders & accessories. We carry a wide variety of drill chucks, holders & accessories to ensure a tight and wobble-free fit. Our selection extends beyond basic tool holding. We offer machine tool arbors & accessories for specialized applications, and morse taper sleeves & sockets to create a secure connection between your machine and tooling. Our rotary tool holders & accessories will keep your rotary tools running smoothly. Threading tasks are a breeze with our tapping adapters & adapter sets, and tapping head, holders & accessories.