Achieve flawless threads on any project with our comprehensive selection of threading products! Our offerings are great for seasoned professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts. At EGC Supply, we have everything you need to tackle internal or external threads with precision and ease. Start by laying the groundwork: Explore our selection of die stocks, die heads & carriers, the foundation to create external threads. For internal threads, we carry a wide range of taps in various sizes and styles. Our dies, chasers & thread rolls collection offers the perfect solution to clean up existing thread and tackle specific thread forms. Master any threading task by considering our tap sets & die sets, which bundle all the essential tools to get a specific thread size. We offer a variety of tapping tools & tapping accessories to enhance your threading experience. Take threading to the next level: If working in a high-production environment, consider our innovative thread mills, designed for fast and efficient thread creation. Encountered damaged threads? Our thread repair & reinforcement section provides everything you need to restore stripped or worn threads. Don't forget manual threading: For situations without power, our reliable manual pipe threaders offer a dependable solution. Additionally, we carry thread turning tools to achieve precise control on lathes or machining centers.