Safety Products
Put safety first with our complete selection of top-quality safety products! From head to toe, EGC Supply has got you covered. Protect your eyes with a wide range of eye protection options, and choose from a variety of head & face protection gear, including welding helmets and high-visibility garments. Keep your hands safe with hand & arm protection, and ensure proper footing with dependable foot protection. We also offer a comprehensive selection of work wear to make sure that you are comfortable and protected on the job. Safety goes beyond personal protection. We carry a wide range of facility identification products to keep your workspace organized and clearly marked. Ensure worker safety in confined spaces with specialized equipment, and find everything you need for first aid emergencies. Prevent slips and falls with matting solutions, and manage spills with effective spill containment products. If needing specialized safety solutions, we offer ARC flash & FR gear for electrical work, chemical resistant garments for hazardous materials handling, and gas detection equipment to monitor air quality. Our selection also includes lockout & tagout products, traffic control tools, and intrinsically safe lights to use in potentially explosive environments. We offer a variety of safety knives with replaceable blades and accessories, dispensers to ensure that safety supplies are readily available, and a comprehensive range of safety training material to educate your team.