Sell on EGC Marketplace

How to Participate

We have a dedicated team to get you onto our platform. They will answer your questions, explain the details of the onboarding process, and will work with you to get everything going. If you qualify from the above criteria, here are the general steps needed to get your brand onto EGC Supply.

  1. Qualify as a good fit for our catalog by filling out the form below and discussing your brand.
  2. Fill out our vendor agreement and general terms.
  3. Provide your product information to us in our onboarding template (Excel) along with product images and your data reporting information.

Once we have received your product data and images, our technical team will validate the file, feed it into our system, and once the process is complete your products will be listed for sale on our website!

To start the process, please fill out the form below.

EGC Supply is the e-commerce division of the EWIE Group of Companies (EGC). This division is focused on meeting the e-procurement requirements of EGC customers in addition to creating a marketplace for our partners to reach our customer base. We have direct sourcing with some of the leading MRO brands and our customer sales base is rapidly growing. Our team is dedicated to all of our partnering vendors and work closely with them to help maximize their sales through our website. This is done with a variety of complimentary marketing activities, including free ad space and regular communication with our vendors on potential sales initiatives.

We invite manufacturers and suppliers alike who want to sell their products on our platform to join our catalog, as long as their products align with our segment.

Benefits of Selling on EGC Supply

  • No fee to participate.
  • List as many products on our website as you like.
  • Creates a new sales channel for your products, including fortune 500 companies through our punch out catalog programs.
  • Free marketing initiative options to further your brand awareness, including complimentary ad space and search engine optimization.
  • Regular communication and easy access to reach our team to discuss any future opportunities; We’re always here to listen!

As part of the onboarding process, we work with you to standardize your product data. This helps align your product taxonomy with our standards. Once we have your products ready on the platform, we run marketing campaigns to introduce your brand to our customers. All this is at no cost to you. Because we believe that if we add value to you, it in turn adds value for us over time.


In order to provide our customers with the best possible procurement solutions, our site relies on us providing up-to-date and accurate data. To ensure that our vendors are also committed to this approach, we require the following criteria of our participating vendors:

  • A product offering that categorically falls into the realm of indirect material/MRO.
  • Standard products that are readily available and stocked within the USA.
  • A file containing detailed product information with each field broken down into separate Excel/CSV columns.
  • Product images that are clearly labeled to the appropriate part number.
  • Up to date price files in an Excel/CSV format sent to us with at least 30 days notice on all scheduled price increases.
  • Product inventory reports that show current stock numbers.
  • Open order reports that clearly illustrate all pending orders.

Vendor Participation Form