EGC Supply is the eCatalog division of the EWIE Group of Companies, a minority-owned global commodity management enterprise. Our universal goal is to save our customers money on their indirect materials while streamlining their inventory management processes. As such, we offer business solutions both through our eCatalog as well as specialties through our other divisions.

Open Business Accounts

For customers interested in consolidating their payments, we do offer open account billing as an option which enables customers to pay via PO.

To set up an Open Account, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have an existing account with at least one order already made in your order history.
  • Commit to a $5,000 per month order minimum.
  • Fill out our Open Account paperwork and receive approval.

All our Open Accounts are billed on a N30 invoicing basis. If you match the above criteria and are interested in setting up an Open Account please Contact Us.

Private Catalog

Every company is different and we understand the challenges that business with multiple locations face as it relates to having decentralized purchasing processes. As such, we offer the option to create private eCatalogs for select customers.

The advantages to this include:

  • Advanced Spending Analytics - Break down spend behavior by category, manufacturer, location, ship to and individuals.
  • Purchase Controls - Implement spend limits and approval flow for each location/dept. You can also implement an approved list of products per location with approved pricing.
  • IT Integration - We integrate with your ERP, to auto process orders, provide you with inventory reduction recommendations, use our in house algorithms to optimize inventory levels.
  • Cost Reduction - Our engineering and procurement services can analyze your purchase behavior and identify cost reduction opportunities as well as performance improvement tooling as needed.
  • Master Data Management - Export and view your spend data as a master file. This helps in ensuring that the operations are accurate and allows for better control of your analytics.
  • Vendor Collaboration - We have extensive relationships with leading manufacturers and can get you the right resource to support your initiatives, often setting you up with your own site-based account and enabling the products on your private catalog.

To set up a private catalog, we will assess your needs, then work with your IT company to implement the catalog into the best fit for your operations.

Vending Management

Managing vending machines/auto-cribs can be a very time-consuming process. We understand the rigors that can arise from this activity, so we have integrated solutions to automate this process for our customers.

Our vending management solutions offer multiple means of integration based on your specific needs. This allow us to select the optimum solution based on your infrastructure and IT restrictions. To begin this process, we would work with your IT department to establish your needs and integrate the appropriate inventory management system directly into your operations. Once setup, users are also able to easily pull inventory consumption reports and usage analytics.

Order replenishment can be adjusted based on:

  • Item Min/Max
  • Historic Consumption Trends
  • Demand Forecast

This integration is available for all leading vending machine products from leading manufacturers. If you use one that is not supported, we can build the required customization to enable automatic replenishment system.

EWIE Group of Companies Solutions

Within the EWIE Group of Companies, our other divisions have additional business solutions. These include:

  • Engineering Support
  • Crib Management
  • Inventory Management
  • CMM Analytics
  • Tooling Optimization
  • Chemical Disposal Support
  • 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss what we can do to help improve your operations in any of the above areas.