About Us

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EGC Supply is a certified minority-owned enterprise headquartered in Saline, Michigan. It is the e-commerce division of the EWIE Group of Companies (EGC). This collective is a global leader in indirect material management services spanning cutting tools, abrasives, special tools and industrial supplies with over 30 years of experience. The EWIE Group of Companies consists of the following companies: EWIE, PSMi, GS&S, SourcePRO, Azoth, and EGC Supply.

Being a minority-owned collective with modest beginnings, EGC understood the struggles that many smaller companies working in metal cutting industries faced when it came to spending and efficiency. In order to help better serve these businesses, in 2015 EGC expanded its vision of providing cost effective Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) solutions and started EGC Supply (formerly MBEMRO catalog) in 2015.

The goal was to create an organized catalog that would give customers a resource to standardize their spending while lowering their MRO procurement costs. By working with many large manufacturers over the years, EGC was able to leverage its industry experience to get the best value from hundreds of participating vendors and offer their products through EGC Supply.

Due to business growth and increased operational capabilities, in 2022 MBEMRO catalog was re- branded as EGC Supply. This new name also serves to better associate our eCatalog with our parent company, the EWIE Group of Companies. EGC is a global leader in commodity management services and has been operating with effective solutions to our customers for over 30 years, so it made sense to provide our customers with a clearer association to this ownership as the business grew.

From the largest of manufacturing operations to the smallest of machine shops, we serve our customers with the quality products they need to run their equipment and maintain their facilities. EGC Supply offers products from more than 700 manufacturers, and for some of our partners, we are the only online reselling channel. To meet our customer’s needs, we are constantly adding new manufacturers and products to our website.

We understand that each company runs differently, so we make sure that our offering can be tailored to fit your company’s specific needs. Our open business account gives you the flexibility of different payment plans and invoicing options. Private catalog options are available to standardize pricing for clients with multiple locations, and we offer advanced inventory management solutions to help customers optimize their inventory. Our online listing also serves as a punchout catalog for several fortune 500 companies, streamlining their procurement process.

The easy to browse interface of our catalog makes searching our extensive listings simple. Our product offerings span from small cutting inserts to large capex machinery. We strive to accommodate whatever it takes to run your operations. As for your maintenance requirements, we have plenty of products in the janitorial/safety products/plant maintenance section. Our high caliber and responsive support team ensures excellent customer satisfaction and on the spot customer support. We’re passionate about what we do and want to make sure that each of our customer’s unique requirements are met. Whatever your facility’s MRO needs, EGC Supply is here to provide you with the right products, at the right price, at the right time.