The EGC SUPPLY website provides rich features that allow you to search for a product in a number of ways. You can search using any of the following parameters or a combination of them.

    • Manufacturer part number - This is the best way to search for a product. If you know the exact part number, our site will match the product more quickly. Some of the manufacturers have special characters in their part numbers (e.g. ABC-1234/5). If you know the part number with the special characters then include that. Otherwise, you can enter the number without the special characters and the site will find all products that aligns with the number. For example, if you search for ABC12345, it will find ABC-1234/5 and ABC12-3/45.
    • UPC - UPC numbers are unique for a product and are a good way to find a specific product. However, not all products have UPC codes assigned, so if you don’t find a product using a UPC code, please try entering a description instead.
    • Keywords - Use some of the keywords that help define the product (e.g. reflective vest XL, 1/8 4 flute end mill, etc).
    • Description - You can also enter more descriptive text for the product (e.g reflective vest for traffic safety xl size, high performance 1/8 diameter end mill with AlTin coating, etc). The more verbose the search term, the longer the search time. So concise descriptions are generally ideal.
    • Manufacturer name - You can search by the brand, but you do not need to enter the full name of the manufacturer. If you are trying to see a listing of all products from a specific manufacturer, you can use the “Shop by Manufacturer” feature on our main menu.
    • Distributor name - If you currently buy the item from large distribution house, try specifying their name. Other than manufacturer, we tie up with distribution companies that allow us to offer lower minimum buy requirements in addition to lower pricing.
    • Distributor part number- Same with manufacturer part number, try using the part numbers only without special characters.
    • Our part number - EGC SUPPLY assigns a unique part number for each of the SKU and this info is available in the invoice submitted to you. If you are making a repeat purchase, try using our part number.

Here are a few additional tips on searching our catalog that may be beneficial to you.

  • Acronyms - Industry accepted acronyms are fine to use (e.g. EM for end mill, FL for flute etc.) and generally will provide a good search result. However, we do encourage using full names rather than acronyms to ensure the most accurate search results possible, as there will always be a few acronyms that our site won't recognize. Additionally, some acronyms have different meanings based on the context and product category where its used.
  • Autocomplete - While you are typing, the site is constantly looking for parts that meet the criteria and shows the results below. It will also show a count of the parts that match the result which can guide you further to enter the correct search terms.
  • Refinements - Once the search results are displayed, you can filter the result further using the following refinement options:
         - Price - You can move the slider bars to the approximate price range you desire for that product.
         - Category - Select the category or sub categories that you are interested in.
         - Manufacturer - Pick the manufacturers whose products you want to see displayed.
  • Spell correction - Search has a dictionary that helps in correcting misspelt words. This sometimes has an adverse effect of correcting intentional text. Once the search is complete, and it shows the text that was used to search products, check to make sure that no undesired changes were made by the system. 

Hopefully this helps you have a better experience on our site. If you have any questions about searching, contact our customer service helpdesk at 855-422-3331