A private catalog is a strategic solution meant for our customers who have multiple locations (different geographies) and face some of the challenges that come with delineation of control due to geographic spread. Some of the typical challenges are:

  • Different pricing agreements at individual locations.
  • Difficulty to channel spend to preferred manufacturers due to decentralized purchasing.
  • Lack of visibility of historic and especially MTD spends for budget vs actual analysis.
  • Difficultly in imposing specific spend limits by product or service line.
  • High overheads for order processing at each site especially for ones with lower spend.

Our solution is a multi-step process that ultimately provides your organization a single custom catalog system. This is set up to meet your specific requirements, allowing you to achieve your organization’s strategic objectives.

Our typical process involves

  • Working with you to identify your specific pain points and map out the current As-Is process.
  • Design solution that best incorporate controls required to implement your strategic objectives.
  • Analyze spend at specific location to identify best sourcing paths. Due to the number of spend management program that we management, we can help you get better pricing on most of the standard and special items.
  • Determine the items and corresponding pricing that should be part of the catalog.
  • Customize the user interface based on your organizations brand identity and localization requirements.
  • Implement the controls required (spend limits, alerts etc.) before going live at a plant.
  • Prepare training documentation and work with you in training specific site super users.
  • Prepare communication, launch and monitor the catalog for adoption.

We go beyond just providing a catalog solution with better pricing; we are an extension of your purchasing team. Some of the salient features of our offering are:

Advanced analytics- Spend by category, manufacturer, location, ship to, individuals. Detail analysis on spot buys.

- Controls- Implement spend limits and approval flow for each location/dept, provide approved list of products per location with approved pricing.

- Integrated solution- We integrate with your ERP, to auto process orders, provide you with inventory reduction recommendations, use our in house algorithms to optimize inventory levels.

Cost reduction- Use our engineering and procurement services to identify cost reduction opportunities through either price reduction, performance improvement, reduced wastages, reduced failures.

- Master data management- Manage and enhance product master data. This helps in ensuring that the machine runs are accurate and allows you with better control of analytics.

- Vendor Collaboration- We have extensive relationship with all major manufacturer and can get you the right resource to support your initiatives.

You can pick and choose our service based on your specific requirement. If this solution sounds right to you or if you want additional information, get in touch with us at +1-855-422-3331 or email us at [email protected]