The EGC Supply site functions the same way as any other popular B2C e-commerce site (e.g. Amazon). We have tried our best to make sure that the experience for you on this website is also same. Actually, we have added a few additional features to make your purchasing process as seamless as possible. There are three ways to find a product you are interested in.

  • Search for it - Use manufacturer part number, keyword, description, technical information, etc. to find your product. Read our help section on searching for a better understanding of how it works. Once you search for an item, you can narrow down your possible matches by using the various refinement options available.
  • Explore the site - You can also explore the site by accessing our structured category and sub category menus. A few of the more popular categories are listed at the top of our homepage, the complete list is available on top under “all categories” and also lower in the home page. You can browse to the category/sub category that best defines your product and then look for the specific product.
  • Ask us - If you can’t find it, or you don’t have enough information to find the product accurately, then the easiest way is to get in touch with us by calling 855-422-3331, emailing [email protected], or submitting a quote request.

Once you find the product you are looking for, you can then add it to your cart. You cart icon on top will show the total count of SKUs added by you.

After you have the products in your cart, you can either review your cart (adjust qty, review products, etc.) or move ahead to purchase. To review your cart, click on “My cart”. You can do most of your edits in the small dropdown but if you need to view the details select “cart”.

If you have finalized your product selection, you can either purchase through PayPal account or use other options. Select the button based on how you want to purchase.

In the shipping & billing section, you can view the various sections that require information. We didn’t want you to go through steps, back and forth, and see hidden information later, so we keep everything displayed in front of you in a simple and transparent manner.

If you are going to frequent the site (we certainly want you to!), select "Create an account for later use". This will store the shipping and other information for your next visit. However, it should be noted that we do not store any credit card information.

Finally, click on "place order" and wait for us to get your products out to you.

If you have any issues, you can reach us at 855-422-3331 or by email [email protected].