EGC SUPPLY is dedicated to give you the cost advantage and also reduce your organizations overhead in procuring MRO items. We understand the rigor required in maintaining an optimum inventory level and also recognize the general pain points of dealing with 3rd party service provider. We offer couple of solution that is intended to resolve specific pain points.

  • Open Business Account- Our most basic business plan catered to make invoicing and payment tracking easy. We will invoice you based on your specific requirements and maintain credit line based on our agreement. We will also provide you invoices in the format that works for you. 
  • Private Catalog- It’s an ecommerce site meant only for your organization- has your products, your purchasing preferences, your pricing, your controls.
  • Vending Solution- Automate replenishment of vending machines through our integrated solution
  • Advanced Inventory Management - Utilize our advanced inventory management algorithms to optimize your inventory levels. 
  • Cost Saving Program Management- These programs look at various components of the overall spend and focus on improving each one of them in order to have a holistic review and reduction in spend levels


Click on individual offering to view their details. These solutions can be combined together to create a custom solution based on your specific requirements.