ERPs are meant to strengthen core functions, and enable peripheral functions. Your core function is manufacturing where as ours in inventory management. Our offering is to extend our ERP and custom algorithms to you in order to optimize your inventory levels and streamline procurement processes.

The goal of the exercise is to reduce exposure, reduce stocking levels, and optimize the procurement process based on historical data.

Our solutions, looks at your demand forecast, historical procurement behavior (order points, lead time to procure, vendor responsiveness, defaults etc..), current inventory level to generate  order reports. For this to work, we need to integrate the two systems together. Integration will enable our system to use your ERP data as input and then return back order report either as a separate report, or create actual orders in your ERP.

The solution is dependent on the overall architecture of the two systems and the technical landscape of the organization. Each of our implementation has been a custom solution, which helps in creating a value added offering which caters to specific requirements.

We have used our solutions for our customers and have helped them reduce inventory level to the tune of ~40%. If you are interested in the solution, or would like to see a demo of our systems capability, please reach out to us at +1-855-422-3331 or email us at [email protected]